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Read the room to know where you stand

Let’s face it, confidently interpreting the sentiments of participants on video calls can be challenging, even one-on-one. And the more people that participate, the less confident you are in knowing how your message is received. With three quarters of business meetings taking place virtually, and an average of 10 participants per meeting, that means more often than not, you’re left wondering. 

Stop guessing and start knowing if people are aligned with your message. Elevate’s Xmodal AI reads verbal and non-verbal signals of people on video calls so you know their level of understanding, interest, agreement, sincerity, and more. Being aware of how others perceive what you say is the foundation for becoming a better communicator and achieving your desired outcome from every conversation.

Like having a personal communication coach

Elevate subtly informs you during video calls when your message is not connecting with the group or any individual in particular, so you can course correct your conversation as you go.  You’ll know when you need to pause, ask a question, slow down, and clarify so you can build better relationships with people and achieve a better outcome in the shortest possible time. After each call, view an in-depth analysis of your dialog to help you better organize, polish, and deliver your message in future conversations.

Fewer meetings. More results. 

By achieving your target outcome during each call, Elevate reduces the need for follow-up and additional meetings with participants to understand how they’re aligned with your target outcome. Your meetings also become more productive, because Elevate serves as your meeting scribe – listening, writing, and organizing everything discussed and by whom so you can keep everyone on the same page while you focus on the conversation.  When the call ends, notes with action items can be automatically distributed to meeting participants.

Elevate’s exclusive Xmodal AI reads sentiment 4 ways

Elevate’s exclusive Xmodal AI engine is evolving to combine four unique modes of AI to create the ultimate tool to read people’s sentiment based on what you say, how you say it, and the way you express it. We’ve begun by recognizing and scoring seven discrete emotions based on reading facial expressions.  Soon we will add AI to recognize tone of voice and body language, paired with transcribing speech to provide more specific interpretations of people’s sentiment.

Facial Expression

Tone of Voice

Body Language


Private & Secure

 Your need for peace of mind is paramount. None of your personally identifiable information is ever sent to the cloud, and just like financial institutions, we maintain a strict policy of PCI DSS and GDPR compliance.



Sentiment and speech analysis during and after each call provides guidance and feedback to make you a communication superhero.


Everyone matters. Our AI has been trained based on recognizing the expressions of over a million faces, spanning a diverse range of ethnicities, genders, and ages.

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Ready to Elevate Your Video Calls?

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