About Us

We’re on a mission to help make everyone better communicators, make meetings more productive, and achieve better outcomes from every video conversation.

Our Values

Empower people

Provide people with the tools and feedback that equip them to be more empathically aware, better communicators, more successful relationship builders, and to achieve better outcomes from conversations. 

Protect privacy

We use edge-based AI to process verbal and non-verbal signals of video call participants  directly on your device. We do not store images and never share or send them to the cloud.

Ensure unbiased sentiment interpretation

We create products that interpret the sentiments of individuals in an unbiased manner. To ensure broad-based accuracy, we utilize diverse datasets derived from a wide range of ethnicities, ages, and genders.

Our Story

Have you ever been on a video call and thought to yourself:

What are people thinking? Are they interested are they in what’s being discussed, and to what extent do they understand or agree?  

We have.  Everyday.  And conversations often end the same way, with participants walking away with different interpretations of what people said and how they reacted.  So it routinely necessitates follow-up with individuals to listen to their point of view, clarify, explain, and resolve issues. 

What you say, how you say it, and the way you express it affects conversations.  But it’s hard to decipher people’s sentiment on video calls, especially when it’s not practical to clearly monitor every participant at the same time.

That’s why we created Elevate.  

Our breakthrough Xmodal AI reads verbal and non-verbal signals from each video call participant. Coaches people to make them better communicators. Builds relationships. Makes meetings more productive. And influences better outcomes from every conversation, on every video conferencing platform. 

Who We Are

We are global team of former company founders and technologists motivated to improve the way people communicate.

Our Team


Chandra De Keyser

Global Sales


Yury Shubin

SaaS, Tech Team Lead


Catherine Davis

Product Management


James Schreitmueller

Go to Market Strategy


Ali Aziz

Product UX Design

VP Bus Dev

Stan Podolski



Vipul Patel

Chief AI officer

AI Strategy


AI Innovation

VP of Engineering

Erin Loy

IT Leader

Experience your communication superpowers

Start by interpreting the emotional response of participants on video calls.

Ready to Elevate Your Video Calls?

Ready to Elevate Your Video Calls?

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