Grow your online Coaching business with Elevate

How coaching recruiters and trainers communicate with coaches and how coaches communicate with their clients influences the success of any coaching business.

When there’s a disconnect between parties, effectiveness and satisfaction decline, which can erode client retention and referrals.  

The key to successful online coaching

You succeed when you can confidently read how coaches and their clients respond to instruction and guidance.

It’s difficult guesswork, whether you’re communicating one-on-one or with a group. Elevate can help.

Elevate’s Xmodal AI interprets sentiment & speech

Elevate’s Xmodal AI is evolving to combine four unique modes of AI to create the ultimate communication tool to read people’s sentiment based on what you say, how you say it, and the way you express it. We’ve begun by recognizing and interpreting seven discrete emotions based on facial expressions.  Soon we will add additional modes of AI to interpret tone of voice and body language, paired with transcribing speech to further interpret people’s sentiment, automate follow-up, and help you become a better communicator.

Facial expression

Tone of Voice

Body Language


Better communication means better coaching & better outcomes

Build relationships that build your business

Imagine if you could gauge the interest of coaches and clients from every conversation. Know how engaged they are by the subject matter. How much they comprehend. You’d know when to alter your approach.  Clarify your message. Further engage each party. Resulting in higher achievement and the rewards that accompany success. With Elevate, you can see how coaches and their clients respond to what is said, how it’s said, and the way it’s expressed, so you can understand how they feel about you and what you have to say, whether interacting one-on-one or in a group.

Elevate works with popular video conferencing tools (like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, etc.) to read just how much participants understand, express interest, agree with you, trust you, and more.  We measure sentiment in real-time based on interpreting facial expressions, and soon we’ll be adding body language, tone of voice, and speech analysis so you can know how coaches and their clients respond to each conversation.

Become a better communicator 

Elevate serves as your communication coach and subtly informs you when your message is not connecting with the group or any individual in particular, so you can course correct your conversation as you go.  You’ll know when you need to pause, ask questions, and clarify your message. With Elevate, you can build better relationships with people and achieve better outcomes from each conversation. And after each call, view an in-depth analysis of your dialog to help you better organize, polish, and deliver your message in future meetings.

Make every meeting more productive 

While meeting participants talk, Elevate listens, transcribes, and organizes everything discussed and by whom so you can focus on the conversation, build relationships, and achieve your target call outcome.  When the call ends, notes with action items can be automatically distributed to meeting participants.

Ready to Elevate Your Video Calls?

Ready to Elevate Your Video Calls?

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