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Sentiment Analysis Mode

Start Sentiment Analysis

Click Start Analysis to begin performing sentiment analysis for your video call or streaming video. A status indicator will appear in the upper left corner of your screen that shows the length of the analysis as well as an option to Pause or Stop the sentiment analysis session. If you Pause the analysis, you will be given an option to Resume to continue analysis.

Recognize the sentiment of video call participants based on their facial expression

The Elevate app recognizes eight discrete emotions of participants on video calls (or streaming video applications) based on their facial expressions and uses these to calculate an overall sentiment score. Sentiment scores are measured on a scale where a score of “0” represents completely negative sentiment and a score of “10” represents completely positive sentiment. We continuously update the sentiment score of each participant during a video call (subject to the “Limitations of use” specified below) and apply a weighted moving average for each participant based on their previous five seconds of activity. 

Sentiment scores are displayed on screen in a colored circle adjacent to each person’s face as follows:

  • Positive sentiment – Sentiment score range is 7.5 – 10, displayed in a green circle
    • Related emotions: happy, surprised
  • Neutral sentiment – Sentiment score range is 2.6 – 7.4, displayed in a yellow circle
    • Related emotions: neutral
  • Negative sentiment – Sentiment score range is 0 – 2.5, displayed in a red circle
    • Related emotions: afraid, angry, contempt, disgusted, and sad

As a video call progresses, the sentiment scores may change without necessarily corresponding to an immediate change in the individual’s facial expression. This is because we assign a higher weight to more recent data points (compared with the base sentiment score registered for each participant at the outset of a call). 

Average sentiment score for all individuals

An average sentiment score for all participants on a video call is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. This score is utilized for in-app notifications and guidance regarding overall group sentiment. 

Switching between video applications while the Elevate app is running

The Elevate app scores the sentiment of individuals currently displayed in the active screen. If, for example, you were to switch from a Zoom call to a YouTube video, with YouTube displayed as the active window, the Elevate app would switch to scoring faces displayed in the YouTube video, even if the Zoom call was still in progress or the Zoom call’s window was minimized.

Facial expression analysis

Our facial expression analysis is designed to be agnostic to each individual, regardless of age, gender, or skin color. However, if you encounter issues or disagree with the accuracy of our sentiment scoring, we would appreciate hearing from you so we may improve our product.  Please email us at

Limitations of use

  • Total number of video call participants – The total number of participants whose sentiment may be analyzed during a video call is subject to the processing power of your computer.  The more powerful the computer, the more participants that may be included.  Each participant’s image must be at least 150×150 pixels for the individual’s emotions to be recognized. Recognition may not be reliable or possible with images of lesser pixel resolution. We estimate an average computer can nominally support 8 participants on a video call.
  • Factors affecting sentiment scores – Sentiment scoring will decline in accuracy or become impractical under the following conditions:
    • Participants face away from the camera
    • Lighting is either excessively dark or bright
    • Low Internet bandwidth connection causes images to freeze, resulting in sentiment scoring gaps between actual and observed facial expressions 
    • Participants substitute their face with an avatar 
    • Participants obscure their face, e.g., wear dark glasses, cover with their hands, etc.

Stop Sentiment Analysis

Once you are ready to end your analysis, click Stop Analysis. The data from the session will be aggregated and transferred to your Dashboard for you to review.

To view a list of sessions and go to their information on the Dashboard, you can open the History tab from the homepage of the application.

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