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Getting Started

Minimum system requirements

  • Windows 10 version 1809 (2018) or higher
  • Intel Core i5 processor or greater
  • 8GB free RAM available
  • Compatible with any video conference application (e.g., Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and others) and video streaming application, e.g., YouTube and others. 
  • When using dual monitors, the app operates in connection with video displayed on the primary monitor. If the app was launched automatically in connection with Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or if using the “partial screen selection” tool, the app will display on the second monitor.

Elevate app overview


What if you could “read the room” on video calls to know how people respond to what you say? You’d know when to pause, ask questions, and clarify your message to achieve a better outcome from every call.  Build better relationships. Become a more effective communicator.  Elevate empowers you with communication superpowers to confidently measure the sentiment of everyone on your video calls. For further details on sentiment analysis, go to the Sentiment Analysis Mode section of this QuickStart Guide.


  • Full screen mode – Performs sentiment analysis of all participants shown on the screen
  • Partial screen mode – Performs sentiment analysis of all participants shown in the selected portion of the screen
  • Automated activation – Optional setting to automatically perform sentiment analysis on Zoom and Microsoft Teams video calls
  • Show/hide sentiment scores during calls – Sentiment scores are still displayed on summary dashboard
  • Dashboard – Post-call graphic summary includes:
    • Sentiment score of each individual 
    • Most positive and negative moments
    • Most positive and negative faces
    • Average sentiment scores of all participants, including trend line

Our commitment to your privacy

We fully respect your privacy and do not receive any raw facial images from your use of the Elevate app.  All facial images used for recognizing emotions are processed and stored on your own computer, along with details of each session the Elevate app was used for. We receive only information about your app usage.  

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Ready to Elevate Your Video Calls?

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