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Home Screen

After the quick product tour, you will be brought to the Home Screen. This will now be the starting screen for subsequent uses of the product.

By default, Full Screen is selected when launching the Home Screen. You may choose to Start Analysis to begin analyzing video immediately on the entire screen.

You may also choose a Selected Area of the screen to analyze. To resize the Selected Area box, click and drag the lower right corner of the dotted blue box. The Selected Area box may also be dragged to a different location on the screen.

If you have a pre-recorded video that you would prefer to analyze, you may choose the Select File option to upload a recording and then click Start Analysis.

The progress of the analysis for the Selected File will then be displayed. You may choose to preview the video by selecting the play icon, but it is not required for analysis.

You also have the option of selecting a Folder that contains multiple pre-recorded videos to be analyzed consecutively.

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Ready to Elevate Your Video Calls?

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