In the News: Elevate CEO Featured on Erie News Now

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Erie, PA (November 15, 2022): Elevate.AI CEO Chandra de Keyser was featured in Erie News Now segment about Artificial Intelligence and how people display emotion with facial expressions.

The App analyzes the emotions of participants in video calls. It uses AI to do it in a systematic way, objective way, and also ethical way. In a way that is unbiased. We’ve put a lot of emphasis on unbiased.

Chandra de Keyser, CEO & co-founder of Elevate.AI

Elevate.AI is on a mission to bring human-centric AI to the forefront of tech development. Join Chandra in a walkthrough of Elevate’s Beta Windows app, partnership with Gannon University, and plans for the future.

Watch the Full News Interview

The Beta Version is available for unlimited, free trial use for 30-days. No CC required. You can sign up for Beta Access here.

Post-Segment Facebook Live Stream

Learn more about how Elevate is helping fight Zoom fatigue in this Facebook live stream hosted by Arianna Moyer,

Beta Access users can enjoy:

  • Unlimited access for 30-days
  • Emotion detection
  • Secure and private data (images and videos are not stored or sent to the cloud)
  • Automatically generated timestamp CSV export
  • Automatically generated Excel Report (Microsoft Excel required)

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