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What are the 21 Facial Expressions?

What are the 21 Facial Expressions?

Facial expressions are a core part of the human experience, but understanding other people’s facial expressions can be difficult. Learn more about the 7 core and 21 mixed facial expressions. How do facial expressions connect to emotions?

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Do you store facial data?

No. We do all the analysis on the end user’s device to maintain privacy. We don’t store faces and only output the numerical results of the emotional analysis.

Does everyone in the meeting need to install the app?

No. Elevate only needs to be installed on the PC of one of the participants in the meeting.

Which facial expressions / emotions does Elevate measure?

We measure 8 core facial expressions–based on their intensity–in order to get quantitative data on how a person is feeling:

    1. Happy
    2. Neutral
    3. Sad
    4. Anger
    5. Disgust
    6. Contempt
    7. Surprise
    8. Afraid

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