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Elevate Journal App

We believe mental wellness should be accessible.

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Elevate Mobile App Summary

How it Works

Life isn’t always the same—and neither are you.

Guided, contextualized reflections

Elevate’s self-guided reflections are built to help you organize your journal through your life events.

A dashboard built for you

Keep track of your personal progress and emotional wellbeing overtime at a glance.

Prompts that matter

Daily gratitude prompts adapt and change over time.

Daily entry stats

Emotion-AI analysis combined with self-entry surveys and notes to capture the full picture.

Why are we building this 100% free app?

I believe artificial intelligence can and should help people solve real problems.

Mental healthcare can be expensive and challenging to acquire. Even if someone is able to access it, the stresses of daily life, gaps between appointments, and quality of care can get in the way.

That’s exactly why we built this. We hope that this mobile app can assist our users in their personal journeys by providing a safe, smart space to be with themselves.

Chandra de Keyser

CEO, Elevate.AI

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Ready to Elevate Your Video Calls?

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